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Tommy Danger – The Now and Laterman – Interview @tomdanger


Your New Project is out, tell us more about it.

Tommy Danger the Now Laterman from Harlem New York USA. My current project is Motivation and Confidence volume 1 the 7 steps. I started in the mixtape game by giving away candy in exchange for email addresses. People thought I was crazy, they still think I’m crazy. I released 10 mixtapes under different flavors. Gained a local following in the underground. Motivation and confidence volume 1 the 7 steps is an Ebook that tells the story of me meeting Russell Simmons who basically didn’t accept my demo and told me to get on my grind in so many words. I created mixtapes by copying whatever Dipset did (Diplomats group formed by Cam’ron). I would look at a mixtape and try to figure out how the mixtape cover was created and how the CD was pressed. The type of fonts they use. How the music was distributed. Basically, I wanted to copy everything that Dipset was doing hence through this story.  A breakdown of the 7 steps 1st step always starts with a vision. 2. Plan, 3. Draft, 4. Execute, 5. Feedback, 6. Refine, 7. Release. I built a buzz locally as The Now and Later man creating themes in different flavors. Apple, Cherry, Pineapple, and Mystery flavor are all online with Apple, Spotify and Google Play. The 7 steps are a guide to help those who have an idea but don’t have the framework to execute. I just want to inspire people to do something greater. This project is the feeling of opening up a CD with liner notes and something to read while listening to music. 7 tracks of Hip Hop to run parallel with the E-book.

What artist are you feeling right now?

What artists am I feeling right now, this is gonna sound really bizarre but 3 Artist I’m feeling right now would be Shek Wes, J Cole, and Anderson Paak. I know it’s all over the place and people can have their opinions but talk about energy. Each of them brings a different energy to music totally uniquely diverse and just dope music.

Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

Top 5 Artists of all time to me would have to be:

1. KRS ONE because he combined knowledge of entertainment.
2. Slick Rick because there’s no other who can basically rock style and jewelry.
3. Lauren Hill. She can sing and rap unlike no other.
4. Kendrick Lamar. He’s etched his way into the heavyweights.
5, Andre 3000 those are my top 5.
What’s your next move?

What’s my next move stay on the promo run and do more shows. Push Motivation and Confidence volume one. Current video out titled “Everday we dropping” featuring Jimmy Timeless produced by 45 Crummie beats and directed by Beat Watch Films. Second video dropping soon for the track “What they say”.

Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

Motivation and Confidence vol. 1 is incredible. The bundle project is available exclusively at www.tomdanger.com  Or listens to the music on any of your favorite streaming services. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Later this year Volume 2  Building up Confidence which is also an E-book and mixtape combination will be out. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Thank you for sharing your platform.


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