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 As your brand continues to grow, what do you feel is in store for the future?

Not only will I acquire major success with my music, but I will eventually open a school with the goal of creating leaders built to change the world for the better. On top of that, I am also preparing to release a book. I already have it written it’s just a matter of publishing it.

Have you developed a line of merchandise to further promote your brand?
At the moment I do not have a solid line of merchandise developed. My goal is to see the greatest ROI (return on investment) that way I’m not at a financial loss and I remain in a position of profit.
Will you be performing at SXSW this year?
Unfortunately, I will not be performing at SXSW this year due to the fact that I missed the deadline to set up an official show at the big event. Although I will not be performing this year, I will definitely make it a priority to perform next year.
What particular acts are you excited to see showcase their talent at the big event?
Although there are many great acts performing at the big event, the artist I’m extremely excited to see is AdELA. To be honest with you, I can’t wait to see her shine like the star that she is. THATS FAMILY!! I’m rooting for her 100%.
Is there a final message you would like to leave as we end the interview?
Be sure to stream both of my Albums “Truth Revealed” and “All I fear: The 2nd chance Edition”. As I mentioned before, my goal is to place Austin Texas at the forefront of Mainstream hip hop. Understanding that this is so, I know that in order to accomplish this goal I will need to acquire several platinum certifications for my work. With the support of the individuals reading, I truly do believe that I can and will accomplish this goal. I stand by everything I believe and I honestly do believe that I Am the future of Texas hip hop!!
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Here are a few links to my music
Danger Zone- All I fear: The 2nd chance edition (Full Album)

Danger Zone – Finding Solace (Produced by J Cardim)

Danger Zone- Heart of a champion

Danger Zone- All that’s broken (Feat. AdELA)

Danger Zone- The Promise (Produced by J Cardim)

Danger Zone- Blinded by sorrow (Produced by DJ Pain 1)

Danger Zone- Family is forever (Feat. Rome Henderson)

Danger Zone- Hear my prayer (Feat. Djoir Jordan)

Danger Zone- Feel my pain (Feat. Curt Mcgurt)

Danger Zone- Life of an outcast

Danger Zone- Murder Weapon (Feat. M1sta Wyte)

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