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Your second Album includes production from high caliber producers such as DJ Pain 1, Curt Mcgurt, Jurrivh, and J. Cardim. Understanding that this is so, how does it feel to be embraced by a group of such talented producers?

In all honesty, I am truly blessed in more ways than I can articulate with words. You see many of the producers included on this album have all gone to great lengths to push me to grow as both an artist and as an individual. Every last one of these guys is family!! They’ve done nothing but show support and bring out the best In me. Which is exactly what I need to continue to prosper not only in business but in life. Without a doubt, every last one of these individuals will always have my respect!!

For the album’s lead single “All that’s broken” you teamed up with the Dreamers and thinkers femcee AdELA. Would you say that the record will withstand the test of time?
Absolutely!! I’d be a fool to say that it wouldn’t. The message alone will forever be a gem of inspiration. To say that the song will not write an amazing legacy of its own is an asinine form of articulation. Come on now, a 13-year-old girl who is now 15 years old was blessed to see a second chance at life even though everyone had their doubts. The fact that this same little girl made a miraculous recovery speaks volumes.
Is there anything you want the listeners to know about your 2nd album?
All I fear the 2nd chance edition is a part of a 4 album series called “The quest to save an angel series”, a series used to articulate the fact that I am more than willing to do all I can to ensure that my younger cousin Rome is healthy and taken care of
Other than your music what other creative pieces are you excited about.
Well for starters, I’m excited about a web series called “Don’t say it.” By my friend Dalia Zambrano. The crazy part is her and I are currently working on a show called “Burning Roses” a show intended to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and self-care.
Does your album include an empowering track entitled “Heart of a champion” what inspired you to create such a powerful piece of work?
When I first listened to the instrumental J Cardim produced for the song, I grew to love it almost instantaneously.  When I went onto purchase the instrumental I noticed that the beat was called “Lesson”. Therefore I basically went onto speak wisdom through “Heart of a champion
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Here are a few links to my music
Danger Zone – Finding Solace (Produced by J Cardim)


Danger Zone- Heart of a champion

Danger Zone- All that’s broken (Feat. AdELA)

Danger Zone- The Promise (Produced by J Cardim)

Danger Zone- Blinded by sorrow (Produced by DJ Pain 1)

Danger Zone- Family is forever (Feat. Rome Henderson)

Danger Zone- Hear my prayer (Feat. Djoir Jordan)

Danger Zone- Feel my pain (Feat. Curt Mcgurt)

Danger Zone- Life of an outcast

Danger Zone- Murder Weapon (Feat. M1sta Wyte)

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