Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Field Medic sings through tour anxiety on “used to be a...

“My anxiety’s spinning on a compass.” Source: fader

Watch two new videos from rising Australian star Angie McMahon

“If you can’t make yourself feel awesome, dogs might make you feel awesome.” Source: fader

Listen to KIITA’s perfect pop now so you can feel smart...

Sara Lewis’s debut EP, out tomorrow but premiering here, sets her up for stardom. Source: fader

Kitty confirms ROSE GOLD release date, drops dismembered new single ‘disconnect’

The follow-up to 2017’s ’Miami Garden Club,’ is out April 5. Source: fader

Anna Burch and Fred Thomas take different roads to disaster on...

The MIchigan-based Polyvinyl duo unite again, this time for two very different-sounding songs. Source: fader

Mija and JR Slayer are buzzy and restless on “Stay a...

“Selfishness, Validity, and Loneliness” Source: fader

Why are these alt-rock musicians suddenly lining up behind Morrissey?

He’s offered his support to far-right groups, defended alleged sexual predators, and attacked the press for reporting on it. Somehow, his new album is...

Let’s Pet’s death-obsessed debut LP was so good, they kept it...

A pretty-sounding record with “a morbid fixation on death, murder, and suffering.” Source: fader

Yoste’s try to be okay EP is here for your Valentine’s...

The perfect soundtrack to you saying you totally don’t even care about today anyway. Source: fader