Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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How Stef Chura perfected her indie-rock howl

Two years after her promising debut, the Detroit rocker honed her skills to make her most powerful record yet. ...

Ada Lea’s beautifully chaotic rock will move you

An interview with the Montreal singer-songwriter, and her new song and video, “mercury.” Source: fader

21 comfy and bold looks to conquer this summer with your...

Attendees at this year’s Governors Ball found that comfort-cute sweet spot easy. Source: fader

34 photos and 1 video that capture the spirit of Governors...

The New York festival took a dark turn on day three, but before that, it was sunny, festival business as usual. ...

L.A. band DAISY is a family of friends making loud, jazzy...

Read a Q&A with the group, and hear their new song, “Day Off,” a summery bop dedicated to inconsolable crushes. ...

Slayyyter? More like slay me with this excellent Britney cover!

me: naked in the bathtub crying to “Everytime” Source: fader

Brooklyn trio Poppies makes delicious guitar angst for friends

“Let’s do stupid things and get our teeth fucked up.” Source: fader

6 extreme ways to decorate your hair this summer

Step 1: pour slime on your head. Source: fader

It’s time for everyone to get on the Slayyyter pop train

Her “Daddy AF” video is outrageous, vicious fun. Source: fader